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your road map

This is a divinely designed road map for intuitive women to guide themselves through hacking their own healing, building their. self confidence, discovering their greatest gifts, and building the life of freedom they deserve.


Each one of us has an obstacle to overcome that becomes our biggest teacher in life. When we arm ourselves with the sacred power of plant & animal medicines we can turn our pain into our purpose and claim the life of our dreams

Step into the light. Your time has come.


free consult

Receive a free 30 minute consultation with Angela Rose to discuss your intentions for our work together, what is drawing you to the work, and any questions you may have after exploring our website. We will discuss your goals for our work together and discuss recommendations for fastest results.

Kambo Frog Kambo Angel Rebel Angel Recovery



Kambo detoxes the body, strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing within the body. We have seen Kambo help thousands of people with countless conditions including allergies, skin diseases, asthma, joint disorders, chronic pain and infections, diabetes, hepatitis, herpes, depression, post chemo fatigue, cancer, and a wide variety of disease prevention.



rebirth retreat

Rebirth Retreat is a breakthrough initiation along your path as a self healer. With the help of four Master Medicines, Kambô, Hapé, Sananga, and Rose, you will rediscover your intuitive power to heal yourself and reconnect with your true nature as a Divine Feminine. 

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lioness leadership

In this 3 month sacred container, you will embark upon a journey of nervous system healing & hormone balancing to harness the truth of  who you really are. You will step into your divine feminine leadership abilities by anchoring in the core principles of loving leadership within yourself, your family, friends, and relationships.

Starts Fall 2024.


self service
by kambo angel

This Kambo Self Service online training will teach you the basic skills & knowledge you need to serve yourself Kambo safely in your own home. This self paced course will provide you with skills in Kambo safety, techniques, and practical application as well as a Kambo essentials kit to get you started.



kambo angel certification

This Kambô Certification Course will give you the in-depth history, knowledge, safety, tools, and practical application to help others heal with wholistic & shamanic therapies. This 6 week course & 10 day retreat is designed to equip you with all you need to know to start sharing Kambô with your friends, family, and wider community.​

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divine feminine business

In this 3 month accelerator, you will be guided through the creation of your own personal brand & design your dream business. You will learn how to create successful systems that lead to long term sustainable income. As well as, consciously let go of limiting beliefs around making money, your worthiness to receive, and willingness to be seen in your magic & medicine.

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Welcome, Rebel Angel.

Your story matters.

Learning how to work with the ways of nature can give you a new life beyond crippling anxiety, severe depression, addiction, burn out,  chronic fatigue, or chronic disease. Here you will find the most effective wholistic & shamanic tools on the planet to provide you with a healing path that is designed to liberate you from persistent health issues and chronic illness of the mind, body, and spirit.

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angela rose

wholistic + shamanic practitioner
nutritionist + detox specialist

500 hrs training | Peru
5 yrs experience | Portland

3 months studying with Native Tribes
Shipibo, Matsés, Huni Kuin & Quechua


Recover your health, happiness, and highest path.

You deserve to live your life free of disease. But unfortunately, our bodies and minds are not usually feeling at ease in a world polluted by toxic foods, drugs, chemicals, and even a toxic culture.

Luckily, Mother Earth gave us everything we need to survive and thrive. The natural world provides every resource we could need. When we come back to an Earth-based way of living through fresh nutritious foods and plants we are able to integrate easily and find our freedom in our intuitive path back home to ourselves.

It is personal for each one of us. I am simply here to guide you back to the ways of the Earth in order to experience the liberation of your true life's path.

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